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Kamphuis Dakkoffers

Kamphuis Dakkoffers has been a supplier of roof boxes, roof racks, rooftop tents, bike carriers and car bags for over 10 years. In 2010 Kamphuis Dakkoffers started under the leadership of owner Gregor Kamphuis, and after 2 years we moved to a larger building at the L. von Bonninghausenstraat in Tubbergen.

Kamphuis Dakkoffers does not only focus on the sale of attributes for the car, but is also engaged in the rental of accessories. This makes us a party that wants to serve all types of users. From sports professionals to frequent vacationers and from frequent vacationers to day-trippers.

Kamphuis Tubbergen

About 7 years after Kamphuis Tubbergen started with a physical store, we expanded with a web shop. At first we limited ourselves to a brief offering, but over the years this has continued to grow. Kamphuis Roof Boxes is now not only a leading player in the Netherlands, but is also well known in the Benelux.

What makes us different from other parties is the range of products we have to offer. The various roof boxes and roof racks we offer include those from our own production. Thus, Kamphuis Tubbergen assures you of products of the highest quality.

Roof box Tubbergen

If you are looking for a roof box in Tubbergen, you have come to the right place. In addition to our own developed KamphuisBox®, we have long-term partnerships with suppliers of the best roof boxes in and outside Europe.

At Kamphuis Dakkoffers, you can rent a roof box in Tubbergen without paying top dollar. This will keep your trip abroad from becoming unnecessarily expensive and keep some of your vacation budget for other purposes.

With Kamphuis Roof boxes on vacation

Not every Dutchman is blessed with a company SUV car with the necessary storage space. But thanks to Kamphuis Roof Boxes, you don’t have to worry about that at all. Especially if you’re going on a winter sports vacation and you’re bringing your own skis or snowboard, storage space can cause problems.

Kamphuis’ roof boxes can be packed with the accessories that are necessary for an unforgettable vacation, but do not fit in the trunk. Kamphuis Roof boxes are spacious enough to fit all the things you do not need on the road. This leaves all passengers with sufficient legroom and prevents them from becoming trapped


Kamphuis always provides a suitable solution to your problem. In order to simplify your selection process, we have developed a handy tool with which you can select various products from our webshop. compare. This allows you to see at a glance what specifications one case has and the other does not, which prevents you from having to switch between product pages all the time. Would you like to know more about the conditions we impose on the rental of roof boxes in Tubbergen? Then read more on the page we wrote about this.